Solid board Album 230x216 mm Mythical Creatures

Solid board Album 230x216 mm Mythical Creatures

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June 2024
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June 2024
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Mythological figures

When our ancient ancestors passed down incredible stories full of supernatural creatures, they tried to come to terms with things they didn't understand. Mythology helped them understand how the world worked, and they had vivid imagination.

They imagined mischievous goblins hiding things and massive giants with the earth trembling beneath their feet. They begged for help from benevolent angels in times of need and shivered at night from bloodthirsty vampires.

Although hundreds and thousands of years have passed, the ancient legends never cease to fascinate us. Even when reason tells us otherwise, in the back of our minds we believe that mythical creatures once really existed, and we hope that they still exist somewhere. A twelve-part series of silver coins is dedicated to the most interesting of them:

  • Cyclopes (2024)
  •  Medusa (2024)
  • Elf (2024)
  • Mermaid (2024)
  • Troll (2025)
  • Fairy (2025)
  • Dwarf (2025)
  • Valkyrie (2025)
  • Vampire (2026)
  • Angel (2026)
  • Goblin (2026)
  • Dryad (2026)

You can store your complete collection in this collector's book, which contains not only a wealth of interesting facts about the individual creatures, but also an adventurous board game called Journey of Heroes.

Note: The collector's book does not include a certificate of authenticity – this is supplied with each coin separately.


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