Slovak Euro Coins 2017 - set of Slovak euro coins Unesco 2017

Slovak Euro Coins 2017 - set of Slovak euro coins Unesco 2017

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Among the Slovak sites inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List there are historical settlements with architectural and technical value, but also natural beauties. The 2017 set of Slovak circulation coins is dedicated to the Slovak Karst.

The surface of the Slovak Karst National Park, which turns into the Hungarian Aggtelec Karst in the south, is barren, dry, without water and signs of human presence, covered with steppe meadows, scrub forests, canyons, sinkholes and chasms. Where are all the wonders that have made the area one of Europe's most spectacular national parks? The answer lies deep underground. There lies a complex of thirteen hundred caves, which abound in rich stalactite decoration, led by the largest stalactite in Central Europe - the 33-metre high Rozňava Cave Crater. In the company of inanimate formations, formed by the action of water on soluble rocks, we also find a rare ecosystem in the darkness below the surface. Apart from bats, it consists of little-known species - a tiny shrew called the curlew and an even tinier arachnid called the shrew.

The set contains all valid circulation coins issued by the National Bank of Slovakia and minted by the Slovak Mint Mincovňa Kremnica in 2017. The nominal values are 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 c and 1 and 2 €, which are supplemented with a thematic commemorative token.

The set is placed in a special blister with a cover.


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