Silver medal Our Lady of Seven Sorrows - Jesus is Taken Down from the Cross SK stand

Silver medal Our Lady of Seven Sorrows - Jesus is Taken Down from the Cross SK stand

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August 2023
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Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows

The sixth silver medal of the Czech Mint from the Slovak cycle which invites to contemplate the events that marked the immaculate heart of Our Lady of Seven Sorrows, commemorates the Jesus Taken Down from the Cross.

When Jesus breathed his last, Mary's mind was trying to come to terms with reality. She did not understand the cruelty with which her son had been killed and wondered what would become of his tortured body. The Roman centurion, Longinus, approached the cross and pierced Jesus with a spear to make sure he was truly dead. At that moment, the ground beneath his feet began to tremble. Like the blade that had cut Jesus' heart in two, the sudden earthquake tore the rocks apart. The temple veil was torn, the tombs were opened, and the Romans realized they had committed a divine murder. "He was truly the Son of God," declared the horrified centurion. Stunned Mary frantically tried to recall everything her son had ever said about his earthly mission. She felt that God's incomprehensible plan was not finished and that something else must be happening. Joseph of Arimathea, who was a disciple of Jesus, asked Pontius Pilate if he could take his Savior down from the cross, and the prefect agreed. The soldiers pulled out the spikes and laid the body unceremoniously on the ground, where it was left to be picked up. They hastened because they feared the wrath from above. The stricken mother was finally able to touch her son - his wounded arms and legs, his bleeding side. Jesus lay dead in the lap from which he was born, and Mary suffered from the greatest pain of her life…

On the obverse side of the commemorative medal, which is the work of medal maker David Kružliak, there is a scene of taking down from the cross. Jesus' dead body rests in Mary's lap. The reverse side, which is common to the entire cycle, is dominated by the bust of the Virgin Mary. Her seven sorrows are expressed through her heart pierced by seven swords.

An integral part of the medal is a brochure that recalls, in words and images, a chapter in the life of Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows.


Czech mint
Author of the obverse
David Kružliak
Author of the reverse
David Kružliak
Numbered issue
999 / 1000
42 g
50 mm
šedý papírový box
Czech Mint