Silver cufflinks MAXIMUS with Czech garnets

Silver cufflinks MAXIMUS with Czech garnets

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May 2023
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Czech Lion

Red as blood, full of mystery, passion and magical effects - such are Czech garnets, which have no equal among precious stones. Rare precious stones adorn the silver cufflinks "Maximus" with the motif of the Czech lion, which were created in cooperation between the Czech Mint and the company Granát Turnov.

Already in prehistoric times, our ancestors searched for small red stones washed up by the river. People then believed that they were petrified drops of the blood of the gods who gave them a number of supernatural properties. Pilgrims used to carry them as a talisman to protect them from evil and light their way. During the reign of Emperor Charles IV, garnets found their way into Bohemian goldsmiths' workshops. The red mineral did not only shine on jewellery. Weapons studded with garnets were beautiful and at the same time provided medieval warriors with a sense of immortality - the knights believed that the precious stones would give them courage and protect them from injury. In addition to warriors without fear or reproach, garnets were also favoured by lovers - the precious gift symbolising purity of heart and affection became part of romantic declarations of love. The golden age of Bohemian garnets came in the time of Rudolf II, who liked to add them to his collections. It was the personal physician of the Habsburg Emperor who first used the term Bohemian garnet. He used to add the crushed mineral, which has healing powers, restores vital energy, banishes sadness and strengthens desire, to drops and ointments. The popularity of garnet jewellery grew at home and abroad and brought considerable wealth to the Czech lands. In order to protect the tradition of their processing, Empress Maria Theresa banned the export of raw garnets. In the years that followed, exceptional art works could be created undisturbed. During the national revival, the Czech garnet became a symbol of patriots and jewellery with red stones was coveted by Czech nobles and townspeople…

The silver jewel, which is the central element of both buttons, presents a depiction of a traditional heraldic beast - a Czech lion with the St. Wenceslas crown on its head. The author of the relief, which you know from the Czech Lion bullion coins, is the medal maker Asamat Baltaev, DiS. The silver is plated with rhodium, which is hypoallergenic and also prevents the jewel from blackening.

Cufflinks serve as an elegant fashion accessory, good luck charm or a tasteful gift.

The diameter of the button is 17 millimetres. Its back side is smooth as it is not a coin.


Numbered issue
925/1000 / 1000
9 g
17 mm
Blackpaper case
Czech Mint