Silver coin Treasures of ancient civilizations VI. SK high relief stand

Silver coin Treasures of ancient civilizations VI. SK high relief stand

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May 2024
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Treasures of ancient civilizations

The relief of the sixth silver coin in the cycle, which represents the treasures of ancient civilisations, features three prehistoric monuments - the dolmen of Pedro Gentil together with artefacts from Svodín and Štúrov.

  • The Celtic word dolmen can be translated as stone table. This is exactly what gigantic megalithic structures composed of irregular stone blocks look like. No one today is able to say how primitive civilisations managed to handle multi-tonne loads, and we can only speculate as to what the mysterious objects were actually used for. Dolmens can be found in various parts of Europe. One of them is Pedra Gentil. This Spanish landmark is estimated to be over five thousand years old, and rumour has it that it was the site of magical rituals.
  • Not all prehistoric monuments are made up of massive stones. At the other end of Europe - in Slovakia - fragile artefacts have been found that were created at the same time. In Štúrovo, a depiction of a bearded man with distinctive supraorbital arches was found. A grave near Svodin then yielded a so-called gynecomorphic vessel, which represents a woman with prominent sexual characteristics. The neck is stylized in the form of a head, the hands are raised in an adoring gesture. The cult object was probably used in ritual ceremonies and contained an offering.

The reverse side of the commemorative coin processed by the academic sculptor Ľudmila Cvengrošová presents a detailed depiction of three monuments - the dolmen of Pedro Gentil, the gynecomorphic vessel from Svodín and the face from Štúrov. As the licence to issue commemorative coins of the Czech Mint is granted by the Pacific island of Niue, the obverse side bears its necessary attributes - the national emblem, the nominal value of 1 DOLLAR (NZD) and the year of issue 2024.

Our products are usually stored in protective capsules, but in this case we have made an exception. Because the coins from the Treasures of Ancient Civilizations series stand out in high relief, we want to give you the opportunity to touch one! In addition to the patina, the silver embossing is also covered with a special protective film, which will make sure that it does not lose its shine...


Nominal value
Author of the obverse
Ľudmila Cvengrošová
Author of the reverse
Ľudmila Cvengrošová
Numbered issue
999 / 1000
42 g
50 mm
Šedý papírový box
Czech Mint