Silver coin The Milky Way - The first Czechoslovak in space proof

Silver coin The Milky Way - The first Czechoslovak in space proof

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March 2023
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The Milky Way

The fifth silver coin from the Milky Way series is dedicated to the first Czechoslovakian in space - Vladimír Remek.

Military pilot Vladimír Remek, aboard Soyuz 28, made his way to the orbital station Salyut 6 on 2 March 1978. He became not only the first Czechoslovak and the first European cosmonaut, but also the first space traveller from a country other than the Soviet Union and the United States of America. Together with Russian Alexei Gubarev, he formed the first international crew in the history of spaceflight. He was the 87th person to go into space - his predecessors included 43 Soviet cosmonauts and 43 American astronauts. The crew of the space station welcomed him according to an old Slavic custom - with bread and salt. In addition to helping with the day-to-day running of the habitat, a number of scientific tasks prepared by Czechoslovak scientists awaited him, as well as a live broadcast on Czechoslovak television. Vladimír Remek returned from space after 7 days, 22 hours and 18 minutes. He remains our only compatriot who left his home planet...

The reverse side of the coin was dedicated by the medal maker Asamat Baltaev, DiS., to a faithful portrait of the Czechoslovak cosmonaut in a spacesuit. In the background, the Soyuz 28 spacecraft is ready for take-off, its hull flanked by the name VLADIMIR REMEK. The composition is supplemented with stylized space objects - stars and planets. The obverse side of the coin humorously presents crop circles and a flying saucer illuminating the national emblem of the island of Niue. This, together with the year of issue 2023 and the nominal value of 1 DOLLAR (NZD), is a necessary attribute of the foreign issuer of the coin - a Pacific island that provides the Czech Mint with a licence to mint its own commemorative coins.

You can store the coin dedicated to Vladimir Remek in a collector's album full of interesting facts about the conquerors of space and our home galaxy.


Collectors set
Nominal value
Author of the obverse
Asamat Baltaev, DiS.
Author of the reverse
Asamat Baltaev, DiS.
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999 / 1000
31.1 g
37 mm
Black leather case
Czech Mint