Silver coin 1 Oz 2 NZD The Lord Of The Rings 2022 The Shire

Silver coin 1 Oz 2 NZD The Lord Of The Rings 2022 The Shire

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May 2022
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Product description

Another silver coin from the series inspired by the Lord of the Rings film trilogy presents the beauty of the Hobbit Shire.

the Shire does not boast the magical trees of the Elven Forest or the breathtaking architecture of the Dwarven mines, it is one of the most magical places in Middle-earth. The fertile region situated in the northwest of the continent, home to the hobbits, is, like its inhabitants, small, unassuming and friendly. The county is only 150 miles across, but every inch of it is idyllic - dotted with green meadows, golden fields of grain and hills full of cozy hobbit burrows. Hobbits do not care about the outside world, and the outside world is not even aware of their existence. Therefore, with the exception of a few natural disasters and an ancient orc raid, nothing disturbs the local peace and quiet. Except for the eccentric Bilbo Baggins, who is friend with the wizard and the dwarves, and who has brought back from his adventures a magical ring that can destroy not only the Shire, but the whole of Middle-earth...

The reverse side of the coin is dominated by the entrance to
the hobbit hole - with its round door, brick chimney, slatted fence and a bench from which ornamental foliage can be seen while smoking spices. The relief is patinated, which highlights even the smallest details. The obverse side then presents the portrait and name of the monarch Elizabeth II, the year of issue 2022 and the nominal value of TWO DOLLARS (NZD) - i.e. the attributes of the issuer of the coin, which is the island of Niue. The coin was minted by the team at the New Zealand Mint with official film licence.

An elegant etui
is an integral part of the issue.


Numbered issue
999 / 1000
31.1 g
40 mm
Czech Mint