Set of circulation coins Czech Republic 2022 proof in wooden etue

Set of circulation coins Czech Republic 2022 proof in wooden etue

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September 2022
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Product description

The Czech Mint in cooperation with the Czech National Bank has prepared a traditional luxury set of circulation coins minted in top quality proof - this time with the year 2022.

The classic circulation coins with nominal values of
1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 CZK, which you encounter every day, are minted in quality "standard". Their entire surface is matt and resistant to damage, which guarantees a long life of the currency. However, Czech coins are not only a means of exchange - many people appreciate their artistic processing and therefore include them in their numismatic collections. For these cases, a collector's variant of the coins is created in quality "proof", which is characterised by a mirror-shiny surface and matt relief. This attractive contrasting effect is achieved by special surface treatment of the minting tools. At the beginning of the "proofing" process, the entire surface of the stamping die is polished using special tools and diamond paste. The stamping die is then covered with a special adhesive tape.  The tape is carefully trimmed and removed by the proof maker on the parts of the mintage that are to remain matt. They work under a microscope and apply this procedure even to the finest details. Sand of varying coarseness is then applied to the masked stamping die to matt the exposed parts of the relief. Finally, the remaining tape is removed, which keeps selected parts of the relief polished. “The proof“ version of the circulation coins requires special care during the minting process. It is not an automatic machine minting - each coin is minted individually and wrapped in a protective capsule.

In addition to the
six circulation coins with the year 2022, the set also includes a silver commemorative medal from the workshop of the medal maker Ludmila Kracíková, DiS. Its relief commemorates the wealth of the Czech Republic. On the obverse side you will find UNESCO monuments - Holešovice House, Třebíč Basilica and Telč House. The reverse side presents the astronomical dial of the Prague Astronomical Clock and typical Czech flora in the form of linden and hop.

The set is supplemented with
a numbered certificate of authenticity produced by the State Printing Works of Securities and placed in an elegant wooden case.


Czech national bank
Nominal value
88 CZK
Numbered issue
0 / 1000
456 g
Dark wooden case
Czech Mint