Platinum medal - Reneissance - Pardubice Castle stand

Platinum medal - Reneissance - Pardubice Castle stand

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October 2019
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Architectural styles

The Czech Mint gradually introduces key architectural styles in the cycle of medals which are the largest in the world. After the Romanesque and Gothic art, the Renaissance appears in one half of a kilogram of platinum in the form of a Pardubice castle.

The Renaissance combines a number of elements:
the rebirth of antiquity (hence the name of the style - "rinascenza" means rebirth in Italian), a deviation from Gothic art and also a new, less Church-bound view of the world. It first manifested itself in Florence, Italy at the beginning of the 15th century, and the free-thinking of local society quickly manifested itself in architecture, painting and sculpture throughout Europe. The Renaissance unlike the art of the Middle Ages seeks to express the real and unstructured world in the modern spirit of humanism, individualism, realism and science. Renaissance architecture adapted to the size of a human - mostly no longer defensive but representative. In the villas and palaces there are antiquizing elements such as the portico, vault and dome and the distinctive staircases. Other materials such as marble and brick have also been used apart from the stone. The plastered facades were decorated with stucco decoration - sgraffito, which imitates masonry or creates pictorial motifs. Czech and Moravian Renaissance architecture developed according to Italy and France and reflected all these elements. The Pardubice castle belongs to its characteristic representative. It was transformed from a medieval water fortress into a splendid Renaissance palace with a four-wing layout, which met the demands of the aristocracy in the 16th century. The chateau has been preserved in very good condition. Moreover, it is one of the largest buildings of its kind in Central Europe.

The medal maker
Mgr. A. Jan Hásek became the author of the majestic platinum medal. He dedicated the obverse side to the view of the northern part of the Pardubice castle. On the reverse side, there is a detail in the form of a covered bridge passage that leads through the former moat and connects the southeast corner of the castle with the castle wall. Inscriptions on both sides state PARDUBICE CASTLE - RENAISSANCE - CZECH REPUBLIC.

The schedule of issuance of platinum medals counts
only 12 pieces. Each medal includes a special certificate of authenticity and an accompanying book with the text of PhDr. Kateřina Nora Nováková, Ph.D., who introduces the Renaissance style and exceptional Czech building.


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Czech mint
Author of the obverse
Mgr. A. Jan Hásek
Author of the reverse
Mgr. A. Jan Hásek
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Light wood inlaid case
Czech Mint