The future of cash


Many experts think we are living in an era that will see the end of physical currency. Some countries are already heading towards this scenario and there is a real possibility that one day we too will only carry a payment card or a mobile phone. Isn't that a shame? After all, cash plays an irreplaceable role in the economy and Czech money is among the world's best. The proof is the fifty-crown, which was declared the most beautiful circulating coin on the planet in 1993…

As a counterbalance to card companies and banks that vehemently promote electronic payments, IMIA – the International Mint Industry Association – was formed to bring together mints and their suppliers to give cash a voice.

We are proud that the Czech Mint is among the members of IMIA and that we – alongside the esteemed colleagues we met during the general assembly in Madrid – can promote the availability and acceptance of cash!

Czech Mint