Majestic ducat of the Czech Republic 2019 proof

Majestic ducat of the Czech Republic 2019 proof

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March 2019
1000 pcs

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Product description

The nobility, the aristocracy and the power of the state and its representatives - all mean majesty. The majesty is expressed by a number of symbols in the form of titles, ranks, documents or insignia, and Czech history can offer an infinite number of them. Some of them are presented by the new Majestic ducat of the Czech Mint.

The Czech lands have been a proud kingdom for centuries. Although more than 100 years have passed since the republic was created, we commemorate our history with respect. The Czech crown jewels, which means a set of royal apple, a royal scepter and the St. Wenceslas crown that was made thanks to Charles IV on the occasion of his coronation by the Czech king, belong to the most important relic of old times. The jewels were made of gold and precious stones, but their most precious part was the Christ's crown of thorns which ensured that the Czech King was symbolically crowned with the same crown as the son of God. The St. Wenceslas crown referred to the Premyslid tradition and thus to the primary idea of the Czech state. The crown was surprisingly not the king's personal property. It belonged to the entire nation thanks to St. Wenceslas, the saint patron of heaven, and embodied the unity of all lands of the Czech Crown. Unlike many other European crowns it has not been lost in history thanks to these noble ideas.

The triple crown jewels can be found on the obverse side of the gold ducat from the workshop of the medal maker Ludmila Kodytková, DiS. The reverse side is dominated by the inscription CZECH REPUBLIC surrounded by heraldic animals - the Czech lion, the Moravian eagle and the Silesian eagle.

The majestic ducat represents an attractive and valuable gift for important occasions. It is accompanied by a unique certificate of authenticity. It bears plastic text supplemented with decorative relief and it is covered with a layer of pure gold.


Czech mint
Author of the obverse
Ludmila Kodytková, DiS.
Author of the reverse
Ludmila Kodytková, DiS.
Numbered issue
986 / 1000
3.49 g
20 mm
Burgundy leather case
Czech Mint