Golden ducat Charles IV Period - Karlštejn proof

Golden ducat Charles IV Period - Karlštejn proof

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March 2014
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Bohemia has undoubtedly achieved the greatest boom during the reign of Charles IV. What we usually consider as the most typical values of our cultural heritage has its roots in the period of reign of our Pater Patriae, or “Father of the Homeland“. His legacy rests not only in a number of meaningful political decisions, art treasures and support of education. The reign of Charles IV was also extremely beneficial for everyone disregarding social, religious or political differences. Probably no other Bohemian ruler secured such long-term prosperity and peace for his country.

The extraordinary importance of this personality is also reflected in gold ducats from the series The Period of Charles IV, the issue of which was prepared by Czech Mint. The series celebrate three monuments which are connected with the 14th century, golden era of the Czech history – Karlštejn Castle, St. Vitus’s Cathedral and Charles Bridge.

Karlštejn Castle has a very special position among Czech castles. Originally, it was supposed to serve as a dignified place for safekeeping of royal treasures, sacred relics and crown jewels. The foundation stone was laid on 10 June 1348 by Archbishop Arnošt of Pardubice. The construction took place between 1348 and 1357. The decoration of the interior was completed in 1365.
The castle is situated about 30 km from Prague in a protected landscape area Czech Karst. It is an ingenious and impressive tiered structure comprising many architectural gems including Well Tower, Castellan’s Lodging, Clock Tower, Imperial Palace, St. Mary’s Tower and Great Tower (or Keep). The Holy Cross Chapel is also part of Karlštejn, the largest of its kind in the world, with 129 painted wooden panels by Gothic painter Master Theoderich. The castle well is another rarity: it is 81 meters deep, it was not fed from a water spring but the water was brought to it from a brook below the castle. The bucket was lowered and pulled up by people treading in a wheel.
Since 1918 the castle has been owned by the state and it is open to the public. In 1962, it was declared a national heritage site.

Czech Mint dedicated a special exclusive issue to this spectacular monument. Gold ducat Karlštejn Castle from the series The Period of Charles IV is indeed a work of art which was designed by renowned creative artist M.A. Josef Oplištil. The obverse of the gold ducat depicts a general view of the castle and its name in two languages. The reverse is dominated by the effigy of Charles IV surrounded by notable structures initiated during his reign. The text on the reverse includes the name of the series and also years of the king’s birth and death. The investment gold ducat Karlštejn Castle is issued in a limited edition of 1,000 pieces.

Gold has always had an exceptional position among precious metals and its ownership has always been a sign of wealth. The purchase of gold in artistic form adds refinement and beauty to the investment. Prices of gold are currently stagnating after the slump in prices and, according to prognosis are on the verge of growth again. Why not use the opportunity to make a good deal and adorn your precious collection with the gold ducat Karlštejn Castle.


Collectors set
Czech mint
Author of the obverse
MgA. Josef Oplištil
Author of the reverse
MgA. Josef Oplištil
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986 / 1000
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20 mm
Black leather case
Czech Mint