Gold medals with a motif of 200CZK banknote J. A. Komenský standard

Gold medals with a motif of 200CZK banknote J. A. Komenský standard

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March 2014
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Product description

Introducing the flagship of Czech Mint, resulting from the collaboration of two outstanding artists associated with the Czech currency. The author of Czech banknotes Oldřich Kulhánek and the author of the Czech twenty-crown banknote Vladimír Oppl together created four unique medals. This year Oldřich Kulhánek’s daughter Klára Melichová took over the work of her late father. She created a work of art of exceptional quality and high collector’s value for Czech Mint’s customers. A design that perfectly combines graphic art with the art of sculpture of two leading Czech artists.

In 2014 we are issuing a fifth medal in a series of commemorative medals inspired by Czech banknotes – a gold medal bearing a portrait of Jan Amos Comenius with a motif of the Czech CZK200 banknote. The reverse side of the medal depicts the symbolism of sharing knowledge and experience – linked hands of a child and an adult – representing Comenius’ idea supported and developed afterwards.

Jan Amos Comenius is known not just as a progressive educator and writer. Czechs deem Comenius a patriot who dearly loved his nation and was deeply affected by the suffering in the aftermath of the Battle of White Mountain. Comenius’ ideas infused Czechs with strength at a time of despair. As the last bishop of Bohemian Brethren, Jan Amos Comenius was very pious, but at the same time he was tolerant in his faith and sought understanding between the churches. His respect for humanity, knowledge and love of truth far exceeded his time and they carry on an urgent message to all generations. His work is considered to be a comprehensive methodology of humanity.

The medal with a portrait of Jan Amos Comenius, one of the greatest Czech thinkers, is issued in a limited edition of 50 pieces. The medals are hand-numbered on the edge and each comes complete with a certificate of Státní tiskárna cenin and an ex libris of handmade paper with a picture of the medal and both authors’ signatures.

Medals minted by Czech Mint adorn each collection. Unlike coins and bullions, their value remains high due to their artistic design and limited edition.

An example of appreciation of your investment in artistically processed precious metals:

The value of a gold medal issued to commemorate Vaclav Havel gained 20% in less than two years despite a drop in gold prices on the stock exchange (at the issue date the price of gold was around USD 1,700/oz.). The gold medal with the serial number 77 marking the 75th birthday of singer Karel Gott fetched CZK 80,000 at an auction immediately after the entire edition was sold out (the issue price was CZK 55,000).

The decision to enlarge your family fortune with such a unique medal is undoubtedly a festive event. This extraordinary moment may be enhanced by your participation in the mintage of the medal in the Czech Mint plant that we offer you as a gift.

We asked one of the authors Klára Melichová: To create a design for one of the most expensive gold medal is a great responsibility. Were you thinking along those lines during the design work?


At first I was obviously a bit nervous when Czech Mint approached me with this proposal. But when I found out that it could handle the task, I just went for it. I briefly experienced a difficult moment when I was finalizing the design on 28 January, the anniversary of my father’s death. I was looking at the portrait of Jan Amos Comenius on the computer screen and my father’s photograph was displayed next to it. So I just considered it a task left for me by my dad that I had to finish. It was a sign.


The gold one-kilogram investment medal with a motif of CZK200 banknote J.A. Comenius will be minted in a strictly limited edition of 50 pieces hand-numbered on the edge.


Czech mint
Author of the obverse
ak. soch. Vladimír Oppl
Author of the reverse
ak. soch. Vladimír Oppl
Numbered issue
999,9 / 1000
1000 g
85 mm
Dark wooden case
Czech Mint