Gold investment coin 100ducat of Saint Ludmilla stand

Gold investment coin 100ducat of Saint Ludmilla stand

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April 2015
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Product description

Patroness of Bohemia, grandmothers, mothers, Christian educators and winegrowers - all these nicknames belong to Saint Ludmila, who is also known as the mother of the Czech lands. She was the first Slavic saint, worshiped by all Orthodox Slavs. Our country is the only Roman Catholic country which recognized her. The Czech Mint dedicates to this exceptional pious woman new issue of investment gold 100-ducats coins.

Ludmila was born around the year 860 as a daughter of Vladyka Slaviboř. As a child she was married to Přmyslid Bořivoj I. Both were baptized by St. Methodius in Great Moravia around the year 883. For Ludmila it meant an extremely deep radical change. She gave birth to seven children and after his housband`s death she stayed in the castle Tetín. Princely throne was successively occupied by her sons Spytihněv and then Vratislaus, who died prematurely in 921 - Ludmila´s doughter-in-law Drahomíra assumed government on behalf of his infant son Wenceslaus. Ludmila brought him up in love for the Slavic liturgy. His mother did not like that fact and she did not like the idea of sharing their power in the country either. She hired assassins then and ordered them to strangle Ludmila in Tetín during the same year. Ludmila's body was hastily buried in the ground by Tetín castle wall. Wenceslaus transferred grandmother's remains to Prague in 924, where she was buried with great piety in the St. George`s Church and laid the foundations of the cult of Saint Ludmila. Her sanctity was recognized between the years 1143-1144.

Beautiful 100-ducat Smart investment coin 250 NZD made of pure gold is a great investment opportunity related to a spiritual message, which survives in the hearts of fellow believers for more than thousand years. Jaroslav Bejvl, refined artist with a flair for portraits and composition, prepared the design of the coin for The Czech Mint. The reverse side of the coin is dedicated to the portrait of the saint. The obverse side of the coin is decorated with the issuer's attributes, the relief of the castle Tetín and Ludmila`s grave together with a scarf, which symbolizes Ludmila`s death. The issue is limited to just 50 pieces of coins. Do not wait and invest wisely in an unusually charming handcrafted artwork.



Nominal value
500 NZD
Author of the obverse
Jaroslav Bejvl
Author of the reverse
Jaroslav Bejvl
Numbered issue
999,9 / 1000
348.5 g
65 mm
Dark wooden case
Czech Mint