Gold ducat Chimney-sweep for luck with dedication proof

Gold ducat Chimney-sweep for luck with dedication proof

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March 2024
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Product description

It's getting harder and harder to find a chimney sweep to bring us luck. With the gold ducat on which the Czech Mint will engrave the text according to your wish, however, you will always have his charm with you.

When a man dressed in all black, wearing a white cap and with a face smeared with soot walks towards us on the street, luck is near. All we have to do is touch him, or - if we are shy - at least grab a button near him... How did the superstition that chimney sweeps bring good luck come about? Our ancestors knew that a stove only heats well if the chimney is clean - not only is the home warmer and easier to cook in, but there is no risk of smoke poisoning or fire. Therefore, it is not surprising that whoever cleaned the chimney brought good luck to the home... But there are many more fabulous explanations.One legend tells of Empress Maria Theresa, who ordered everyone to leave her alone. The servants of the castle disappeared - except for the chimney sweep, who was working and so knew nothing. When he finished his work, he met the Empress, who was angry with him. To verify that he had indeed swept the chimneys, she touched his uniform. Her palm was black with soot and she said, "You're lucky!" Another story tells of a chimney sweep who lost a button. A woman came to help him and found a purse full of gold instead.

Medal maker Eva Prousková, DiS., dedicated the obverse side of the ducat to a little chimney sweep who has everything he needs to clean the chimney. The reverse side then presents a blank space for engraving text surrounded by a heart, a four-leaf clover and two buttons.

This gold ducat is the only original in the world thanks to engraved quote, a personal message, a name or even a date of birth.


Czech mint
Author of the obverse
Eva Prousková, DiS.
Author of the reverse
Eva Prousková, DiS.
Numbered issue
986 / 1000
3.49 g
20 mm
Black leather case
Czech Mint