Gold coin 5000 CZK Veveří proof

Gold coin 5000 CZK Veveří proof

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May 2019

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Product description

The Czech National Bank issues the seventh gold coin with a nominal value of 10,000 CZK from the cycle that represents our most important castles and dedicated it to Veveří in Brno. It was embossed in top quality proof.

Veveří is associated with a number of legends. One tells a story of Duke Konrad, who lost his way while hunting a fallow deer in a deep forest. The squirrels led him out of the forest, running to the steep rock above the river. The Duke decided to build a hunting lodge here and named it after his rescuers. Another legend tells a story of the treasure in the form of the twelve silver statues of the apostles. The Order of the Templars supposed to get them and hide them at Veveří in 1306 - after it murdered the last Premyslid King Wenceslas III. However, the templars were scattered and the treasure was forgotten. However, the tower of the castle was struck by lightning in 1782 that revealed the verse instructions on how to find the silver sculptures translated as: "The peacock guards the treasure, the day at least with the rights, when the astronomical clock strikes the fifteenth hour, the peacock tail stands on treasure."  Nobody has managed this…

The design of medal maker Asamat Baltaev, DiS won the Czech National Bank's art competition. The reverse side of the coin bears the castle core from the bridge arch view. The obverse side of the coin offers a view of the castle courtyard through the door portal that bears the heraldic animals of the Czech Republic.

The Czech Mint in Jablonec nad Nisou is the exclusive producer of Czech coins.


Czech national bank
Nominal value
5 000 Kč
Numbered issue
999,9 / 1000
15.55 g
28 mm
Red plastic case with CNB logo
Czech Mint