Collector´s box The Jungle Book

Collector´s box The Jungle Book

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The Jungle Book

The story of an orphan boy raised by a wolf pack after an attack by a man-eating tiger is one of the most famous literary stories of all time. No wonder - The Jungle Book written by Rudyard Kipling is no ordinary adventure, but a narrative epic about growing up and finding one's identity, about the clash between civilisation and nature, about loyalty and the role of family, about courage and the importance of the law.

This collector´s miniseries of commemorative coins belongs to the following inhabitants of the Indian wilderness:

  • Mowgli and Kaa - The boy Mowgli is human but grows up in the jungle among animals. Life on the border of two worlds is difficult, but fortunately he is not alone. The fearsome python Kaa helps him to survive the trials. 
  • Baloo and Bagheera - Baloo and Bagheera, who saved a human baby from death, become his faithful guides through life. While the kind-hearted bear is Mowgli's teacher, the ferocious panther is a devoted protector.
  • Sher Khan - The arrogant tiger Sher Khan, who considers himself the rightful ruler of the jungle, hates humans and the fire. He is blinded by his desire for revenge and turns all his anger against Mowgli.
  • Akela - Akela the wolf is the strong and wise leader of the pack that has adopted little Mowgli. Despite his doubts about the human baby, he becomes his mentor and teaches him honor, responsibility, and the laws of family.

Store your collection of four coins in this tin collector's case. Its lid is decorated with thematic motifs - the tiger, which is the lord of the Indian jungle, and the mandala, which is typical of Indian religions. An integral part of the box is an attachment with drawings by Asamat Baltaev, DiS. - the author of the coins.

Note: The collector's case does not include a certificate of authenticity - this is supplied with each coin separately.


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