MgA. Martin Dašek


How did you get to work on coins and medals?

At the high school in Jablonec nad Nisou, where I studied when I finished the "jewellery“ studies in Turnov. Originally, I was looking for a school suitable for preparation for the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, but I found a fantastic artistic discipline and professors creating in it and at the same time exceeding its scope.

Do you remember your first implementation of work for the Czech Mint?

My first realization in the field was the theme of the anniversary of the beginning of teaching at the Prague Conservatory for the CNB. The "Orient Express" coin was the first realization of work for the Czech Mint. It was something completely different, mainly using an oval floor plan and colors.

Can you count how many coin and medal designs you have made in your career?

I would need to search in the photo archive. It is clearly arranged, but I did not have a camera all the time. I'll take a look on it during long winter evenings when there's nothing to do.

Which commissioned work from the Czech Mint pleased you the most, which one do you remember the most?

It is difficult to choose one – I remember Ivo Viktor, Zdeněk Nehoda, Waldemar Matuška, TGM or Karel Fiala as first.

Which theme is closest to you?

Certainly the history of motoring, unfortunately the Czech Mint has a small gap here. Otherwise, I like portrait medals - both the portraits themselves and the work on the reverse sides, where it is necessary to find a motif that captures the personality. Apart from that, this work broadens horizons.

Where do you draw inspiration for your work from, where do you like to work?

The work almost always begins with careful studies of the topic. Although there are also exceptional themes that one knows well or immediately intuitively finds a suitable motif. The work is not connected with a specific place and the answer "at the table" will probably not satisfy you. The realization is of course tied to my workshop, but I like to create designs on board the train. The passing landscape is relaxing and inspiring at the same time.

Do you have a secret desire, something you would like to achieve and what you would call the height of a medal maker's career?

The highlight would certainly be the creation of the design of the circulation coin, the combination of a clear legibility and perfect design that reflects its time.



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