1 Oz Gold coin Tiger 2022

1 Oz Gold coin Tiger 2022

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September 2021
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Product description

The Perth Mint of Australia continues its series of investment coins featuring the Eastern Zodiac signs. The gold coin weighing one troy ounce is dedicated to the year 2022, which is the Year of the Tiger.

The Eastern zodiac, which is also known as the Chinese zodiac, contains twelve signs
- twelve animals that represent twelve temperaments with both positive and negative traits. Unlike the classical horoscope we are used to in Europe, each of these signs belongs to a whole year, and once all the animals have been replaced, the twelve-year cycle begins again... The year 2022 is dedicated to the third animal of the Chinese zodiac - the tiger. Why this beast? Legend tells of the Jade Emperor who ruled the heavens and sought someone to guard his palace. Twelve creatures competed for the emperor's favour - a rat, a buffalo, a tiger, a hare, a dragon, a snake, a horse, a goat, a monkey, a rooster, a dog and a pig. Their position in the palace was to be decided by a great race. The strong buffalo was the favourite, but little did he know that a cunning rat had settled on his back and jumped off just before the finish line, depriving him of the victory. The third to finish was the agile tiger... People who are born under the influence of the tiger are bold, charming, unbridled, confident and energetic. They love adventure and taking risks. They demand discipline, but they can be disobedient themselves...

The reverse side of the gold coin presents a
wild, realistically processed tiger with its teeth bared. Inscriptions in Chinese and English and the year 2022 complete the reverse composition. The obverse side of the coin belongs to the attributes of the issuer, which is Australia, with the name and portrait of Queen Elizabeth II and a nominal value of 100 DOLLARS (AUD). The design of the coin is the work of Perth Mint designer Monique Reeves.

The gold coin is a
valuable investment and an attractive gift - not just for the birth of a child.


Numbered issue
999.9 / 1000
31.1 g
39,4 mm
Czech Mint