UV light Germania Mint

UV light Germania Mint

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Product description

The UV flashlight is a useful tool for coin and banknote collectors.

Ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 365 nm helps you to reveal colours that are normally invisible to the human eye, but which will glow when properly illuminated. Such fluorescent colours can be found on selected coins or ingots - for example on silver runes, which, like this torch, come from the Germania Mint range. The ultraviolet light is also useful for authenticating banknotes or valuables and other documents with anti-counterfeiting features.

With a diameter of 25 mm, a length of 115 mm and a weight of 78 g, the flashlight is very compact. At the same time, it is powerful enough - with 3 W of power, its light can reach a distance of 35 m. The battery, which can be recharged with the included micro USB cable, lasts for 3 hours.

The durable flashlight body is made of black aluminium alloy.


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