Silver Coin 1150 Years Since the Coronation of Alfred the Great

Silver Coin 1150 Years Since the Coronation of Alfred the Great

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This silver coin from The Royal Mint commemorates the 1150th anniversary of the coronation of Alfred the Great.

In the 9th century AD, the territory of
England was divided into several independent Anglo-Saxon kingdoms. The most important and wealthiest of these was Wessex, which was situated in the south-west and was ruled by Alfred the Great. The king did not acquire his surname by chance - he was a symbol of English defiance against the savage Vikings who plundered the country. At first it seemed impossible to defeat the Scandinavian invaders - they even managed to kill King Aella of Northumbria and King Edmund of East Anglia - but Alfred persevered and triumphed over the army of bloodthirsty pagans. His other deeds, however, have also gone down in history: he promoted education, trade and crafts. He became the father of the English navy. He improved the legal system, helped establish the Anglo-Saxon language and translated important Latin works. He founded merchant settlements that became centres of culture and education - such as Oxford, which is still the home of the world-famous University…

The reverse side of the coin, which was designed by sculptor
John Bergdahl, is inspired by the so-called Alfred Jewel, a unique example of the skill of Anglo-Saxon jewellers in the 9th century. The inscription bears the king's name ALFRED THE GREAT and the annual years 871-2021. The obverse side of the coin is then dedicated to the attributes of the issuer - i.e. the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, the text ELIZABETH II D G REG FID DEF (Elizabeth II, by the grace of God, Queen, Defender of the Faith) and the nominal value of 5 POUNDS (GBP).

Package includes a
booklet which conveys in words and pictures the significance of Alfred the Great (in English).


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925 / 1000
28.28 g
38,61 mm
černá koženková etue
Czech Mint