History of Czech Coins - Celtic Coinage stand

History of Czech Coins - Celtic Coinage stand

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November 2018
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Product description

Do you know how to initiate small collectors into the secrets of numismatics? The Czech Mint and the Czech Numismatic Society have prepared an extraordinary project that represents the key milestones of coining on our territory in a playful but educational way. The form of the collector's cycle is the work of the writer and illustrator Lucie Seifert. If you know her great "History of the brave czech nation", whether in book or television, you have a clear idea of ​​what you can look forward to. Humor, exaggeration and countless historical funny details are waiting for you.

With the first mintage of the "History of Czech Coins" cycle, you look into the times when ancient Celts lived in Central Europe, had passion for war, gods, jewellery, trade, and especially gold, from which they coined the so-called irises.

The Boii lived on our territory between the 4th and 1st centuries before Christ. They belonged to a tribe of Celts, which controlled the territory from today's Spain to Anatolia. The Boii got their name according to the horror they spread when they battled. They were hired by the ancient Greeks as mercenaries, and they paid them with gold coin. The Celts, who had been used to exchange goods for goods, had quickly favored this revolutionary invention. The first Celtic coins were copies of the Greek ones and bore the Olympian goddess, but gradually Celtic symbolism began to appear on them. These "staters" – bowl mintages imitating shells - have become the first coins in our country and were known as "irises." Why?The Celts hid their wealth underground when they were in danger. Some treasures were forgotten and remained buried for hundreds of years. Then the rain uncovered the earth, the gold coins gleamed, and people believed that the rainbow brought them...

Replica of iris made of gilded silver is set in the illustrated pop-up book. Lucie Seifert's unmistakeable story tells you a number of interesting things about the Celts, for who coining was an expert, strictly guarded and sacred thing.

The complete seven-part cycle of replicas of historical coins can be stored in an attractive collector's box. The issue cost of each replica is not limited.


Collectors set
Czech mint
Author of the obverse
Ludmila Kodytková
Author of the reverse
Ladislav Vraný
Numbered issue
Plated Au
925 / 1000
3 g
15 mm
Czech Mint