Gold coin 5000 Kč 2024 Olomouc stand

Gold coin 5000 Kč 2024 Olomouc stand

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May 2024
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The five-year cycle of the Czech National Bank, which is dedicated to the urban conservation areas of the Czech Republic, presents its seventh issue. The gold coin with a nominal value of 5,000 CZK minted in standard quality commemorates the beauty of Olomouc.

The settlement of Central Moravia dates back to the earliest times. Traces of cultures from the Stone Age and Bronze Age have been found here. Celts, Germans, Romans and Slavs lived here. In the times of the Great Moravian Empire, churches and residences of the nobles of Mojmir were built here and the Přemyslids built a castle here. From the Middle Ages until the Thirty Years' War, Olomouc was the capital and largest city in Moravia. The importance of the economic, administrative, educational and religious centre of the rich Haná region was matched by the splendid architecture of churches, religious and secular palaces, university buildings, the town hall and three- to four-storey town houses in the main squares and streets. Thanks to its strategic location, the Moravian capital also had a military function - in the 18th century it was converted into a fortress and became the seat of large military garrisons. It was the fortified part of Olomouc, which was enclosed by walls and accessible only through the city gates, that became an urban conservation reserve in 1971. After Prague, it is the second largest reserve in the Czech Republic.

The design by academic sculptor Zbyněk Fojtů won the art competition of the Czech National Bank. The expert committee was impressed by the imaginative collage of historical Olomouc buildings. On the reverse side you will find the ground plan and tower of the Gothic Church of St. Moritz and the Baroque Holy Trinity Column, which is a UNESCO monument. The obverse side is dedicated to the Olomouc astronomical clock. Heraldic animals of the Czech Republic complete the composition.

You can store gold coins from the ten-piece cycle of the Czech National Bank in a wooden collector's case that you can also find in the offer of the Czech Mint.


Czech national bank
Nominal value
Numbered issue
999,9 / 1000
15.55 g
28 mm
Red plastic case with CNB logo
Czech Mint