Silver half-a-kilo medal Statutory town of Jihlava stand

Silver half-a-kilo medal Statutory town of Jihlava stand

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June 2020
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Statutory towns

The Czech Mint represents Jihlava on the fifteenth silver medal weighing one half a kilogram, which is published as part of cycle dedicated to our statutory cities.

The small village on the banks of the river Jihlava was initially not different from other medieval market settlements. However, this changed in the late 40s of the 13th century, when rich silver sources were discovered here. The silver attracted miners, craftsmen and merchants from all over Europe, and because the village was not enough for their needs, a new, generously conceived town began to be built on the opposite bank of the river. It got rich not only thanks to the mining business, but also the minting of coins, which led to the rapid flourishing of Jihlava and the colonization of the surrounding region. The silver treasury of the Czech Kingdom gained royal privileges and became one of the most powerful cities in the country. Although silver sources were decreasing, mining activity was running in Jihlava for 500 years

The medal maker Petra Brodská, DiS., placed the Gate of the Mother of God, which was created during the construction of the city, on the obverse side of the medal. Part of the fortifications, which defended the wealth of Jihlava, underwent Gothic and Renaissance alterations and it is a protected cultural monument today. The composition of the obverse side is supplemented with an aerial view of the city center. The reverse side of the medal bears a map of the Czech Republic with marked statutory cities.

Only 48 pieces of half-a-kilogram medals will be created - each copy is hand-numbered on the edge and stored in a luxurious wooden case.


Czech mint
Author of the obverse
Petra Brodská, DiS.
Author of the reverse
Petra Brodská, DiS.
Numbered issue
999 / 1000
500 g
90 mm
Dřevěná etue světlé dřevo
Czech Mint