Set of four gold coins Czechoslovak Airmen in RAF - Squadron Badges proof

Set of four gold coins Czechoslovak Airmen in RAF - Squadron Badges proof

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Immense bravery and devotion accompanied members of the Czechoslovak Air Force, who during World War II, as a part of operations in British units of the Royal Air Force (RAF), risked their lives in the struggle against German Nazism. Their important role at the Battle of Britain, during which soldiers from all over Europe helped the island nation,was not recognized. They did not live to see just rewards, and during totalitarian regime the Czechoslovak soldiers from RAF were persecuted and received recognition after nearly fifty years. Their merit now, when we commemorate the 75th anniversary of the important and victorious battle, is also celebrated by the Czech Mint with the set of four gold coins 10 NZD represented by the emblems of the four Czechoslovak squadrons – No. 310, No. 311, No. 312 and No. 313.

The author of the four works of art of this extraordinary collection is the academic sculptor Zbyněk Fojtů. He dedicated reverse sides of the Smart coins to the emblems of every squadron. He added the mottos of the units to the beautiful motifs. The obverse side features a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II along with other issuer`s attributes and is common throughout the mintage.  Graphically pure composition of both parts especially excels in top proof quality. Beautiful collector's set of four gold coins 10 NZD will embellish and refine your collection and wisely save your financial reserves. The issue is limited to 200 pieces - refresh the recent history and delight yourself with  the unique gift of the Czech Mint.

№ 310 Czechoslovak Fighter Squadron RAF, the motto BOJUJEME ZA OBNOVU (i.g."WE FIGHT TO REBUILD")

The Squadron was formed on the orders of the British Ministry of Aviation on 10 July 1940. The Czechoslovak Major Alexander Hess was appointed commander, the British commander was S/L George Douglas Blackwood. Its armament consisted of fighters Hawker Hurricane and later Supermarine Spitfire. No. 310 Squadron participated in battles over the southeastern and eastern parts of England.

№ 311 Czechoslovak Bomber Squadron RAF, the motto NA MNOŽSTVÍ NEHLEĎTE (i.g. "NEVER REGARD THEIR NUMBERS"

The only bombing squadron of the four Czechoslovak Air Force squadrons in the RAF was founded 29 July 1940 at the air base Honington. Its mission were air raids on the German, Dutch, Belgian and French cities. Engines of this squadron were also taking off in order to bombard German submarines in the Atlantic Ocean, the Bay of Biscay and the North Sea. For this activity was the No. 311 Squadron evaluated as the best unit of Coastal Command. Vickers Wellington bombers with code KX and Consolidated Liberator marked with the PP belonged to the squadron.

№ 312 Czechoslovak Fighter Squadron RAF, the motto "SED NON MULTI MULTI" (ie. Not many men, but many deeds)

The unit was founded on 5 September 1940 and consisted mostly of the Czech fighter pilots formerly established in the French Air Force, who after losing the Battle of France, moved to the UK. The first commander of the No. 312 Squadron was S/Ldr Ján Ambruš, who was in command of experienced combat pilots, among them the e.g. Alois Vašátko, František Peřina and Josef Stehlík. Soldiers first flew engines Hawker Hurricane and later Supermarine Spitfire. Although in the Battle of Britain it took part only marginally, during other campaigns No.312th Squadron realized 17,472 missions and shot down dozens of engines.

№ 313 Czechoslovak Fighter Squadron RAF, the motto JEDEN JESTŘÁB MNOHO VRAN ROZHÁNÍ (i.g."ONE HAWK CHASES AWAY MANY CROWS")

The youngest of the Czechoslovak squadrons was founded on 10 May 1941. Its armament firstly consisted of older and later more modern versions of engines Supermarine Spitfire. Unlike other squadrons No. 313 Squadron had British ground personnel, which was formed by the inexperienced recently mobilized troops. Nonetheless, in May 1943  the unit managed to get the award for the best ground staff of the Fighter Command. During the war, No. 313 Czechoslovak Fighter Squadron realized 8944 missions.


Nominal value
10 NZD
Author of the obverse
ak. soch. Zbyněk Fojtů
Author of the reverse
ak. soch. Zbyněk Fojtů
Numbered issue
999,9 / 1000
31.1 g
22 mm
Dřevěná etue
Czech Mint