Return of goods within 14-day period


How to proceed if the purchased goods are not the right thing for you and you want to return them within the legal 14-days-period from receipt? The period of 14 days begins to run on the calendar day following the receipt of the goods.

You can use this right if you bought the goods from us as a private person (i.e. not via TAX number). The right to return the goods arises for you if you order goods through the e-shop and if you collect goods in person. The goods can be returned without giving a reason.

The buying consumer is responsible for the reduction in the value of the goods as a result of handling the goods in a manner other than that which is necessary to become acquainted with the nature and properties of the goods, including its functionality.

However, the possibility of withdrawing from the Purchase Agreement pursuant to Section 1829 (1) of the Civil Code cannot be understood as the possibility of free loan of goods. The buying consumer, in the case of exercising the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days of receiving the performance, must give the Seller everything he or she has obtained on the basis of the Purchase contract. If this is no longer possible (e.g. in the meantime the goods have been destroyed or consumed), the buying consumer must provide the Seller with monetary compensation. If the returned goods are only damaged, the Seller may exercise the right to compensation against the Buyer and set off this claim against the Buyer's right to a refund of the purchase price. In such a case, the Seller shall return to the Buying consumer only the purchase price, including the cost of delivery of the goods in the amount corresponding to the cheapest method of delivery of the goods offered, reduced by the amount corresponding to the compensation.

To meet the deadline, we must receive the withdrawal from the contract together with the goods. In the case of withdrawal from the contract, there is no right to reimbursement of the necessary costs associated with the transport of goods to the seller or the right to reimbursement of freight if the goods were delivered by the transport company.

It is always necessary to enclose a document with the returned goods confirming that you purchased the goods from us and on the basis of which we are able to identify the goods.

You can find the withdrawal form from the purchase contract HERE.

Czech Mint