Quality material and semi-finished products



Czech Mint uses (with few exceptions) blanks made by leading world producers, which are the essential semi-finished product for minting coinage.

The majority of the Czech Mint’s products are made from the finest material supplied by certified Austrian and German producers. Time-proven collaboration with these suppliers, in particular their reliability and quality products tested by the Czech Assay Office, has been greatly beneficial for Czech Mint. Under the supervision of the Assay Office, the hallmark, attesting to fineness of the used precious metal, is worked directly into the die tool. This process aims to avoid possible defects in the medal quality that might occur during hand hallmarking. The hallmarks comply with internationally recognized standards.

Aside from hallmarked precious metals, fine gold, silver and platinum, Czech Mint makes coins and medals from base metals, both pure (copper, aluminium, iron and niobium) and their alloys or combinations.

Special alloys of copper, zinc, nickel, tin, aluminium and magnesium are also used, known under their common or trade names of brass, tombak, MS 80, nordic gold, anticoro.

In addition, combinations of metals are employed through plating, galvanizing or inlaying.

Semi-finished products used in manufacture of commemorative coins and medals (blanks)


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