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In 2020, exactly 50 years have passed since the founding of the Slovak Numismatic Society. A set of Slovak euro coins serves as a commemoration of this jubilee.

Slovak minting has a famous tradition. After all, the current Mint of Mincovňa Kremnica is one of the oldest continuously producing companies in the world with a history dating 700 years back. Interest in
numismatics has also a tradition in Slovakia. Coin collections began to appear here in the 16th century. Firstly, they were built by scholars and mint managers, then by church associations or well-off representatives of the intelligentsia. The Matica Slovenská became the first nationwide national-building cultural association to devote itself to numismatics. The Slovak National Museum and then important cities joined it soon. Slovaks also joined numismatic organizations of interest - together with the Hungarians in 1901, together with the Czechs in 1919 and the Slovaks founded their own Slovak numismatic society in 1970. Since then, even more Slovaks discover the magic of a noble hobby, which is also an interesting way of investment…

In the comprehensive set you will find all valid euro
circulating euro coins issued in 2020 by the National Bank of Slovakia and minted by the Slovak Mint of Mincovňa Kremnica. These are nominal values of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 c and 1 and 2 €, which are supplemented with a thematic commemorative token.

The set is stored in a
special blister with an overwrap.


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