The Czech Mint holds a new Czech record by minting a ten-kilogram coin made of gold!


Fourteen million czech crowns in one piece of gold with the relief of the national symbol of the Czech Lion with a nominal value of 80,000.00 New Zealand dollars and a security feature. This is the new Czech record for mass-produced coins, valid from Wednesday 9 February 2022. It is held by the Czech Mint in Jablonec nad Nisou and hereby is probably the fourth in the world to produce such a large coin. The coin is unique because of its hologram.

Ten pieces weighing five kilograms were minted first and all of them were sold on the day of their minting. "We minted our first extra heavy gold coin last June and it is the first one to be entered into the Czech Book of Records. Today we have corrected the weight of the largest mass-produced coin to ten kilograms. However, it is not a record attempt. We have to strike it on the first good one," said Lenka Klimentová, spokeswoman of the Czech Mint. According to her, it can be said that this is a unique coin minted with this technology, unprecedented far and wide. Five pieces are ready to be issued and all of them have already been reserved by investors from the Czech Republic.

The idea of minting pure gold coins with diameters larger than the usual 90 millimetres and weighing more than 1,000 grams was conceived about four years ago. While working on a high-weight coin for the CNB, the Czech Mint in Jablonec nad Nisou found out that investors would be interested in higher than usual weights, which is promising. For the Czech Mint, however, this meant not only acquiring a custom-made press. Just the testing involved in producing and implementing the hologram on gold took a lot of time.

"We mint the high weight coins with the hologram using a special hydraulic press that was designed specifically for this purpose. It is the only machine of its kind in the world - no other press has such a configuration and technical parameters," explained Stanislav Bachtík, Production Director, adding that the Czech Mint had to build a special workplace for it due to its size and considerable weight. The preparation of the mintage was extremely complex and the minting even more so, as the machine is also working with extreme force.

The giant Czech Lion is impressive not only for its weight but again for the latest security nano-feature, the embossed shield-shaped hologram placed at the bottom of the reverse side of the coin. "While it is very easy to observe the holographic security feature, it is extremely difficult to produce, so it cannot be reliably replicated," adds Jaroslav Černý, Head of Marketing.

This hologram is not only a protective element, but also a decorative one. This solution got its name from the English CZECH SECURITY CHECK.  Like the coin itself, it is dedicated to the image of the Czech lion. You do not need any specialised equipment to see the security feature - it is visible to the naked eye. You can then examine it with simple, commonly available tools - a magnifying glass and a sharp spot light, which can be provided, for example, by a lit flash of a mobile phone. When illuminated from a certain angle, a hidden "moving" pattern will appear in the shield.

Although the Czech Lions are primarily bullion coins, their artistic qualities are unquestionable. Asamat Baltaev, a young artist who is one of the brightest stars of the Czech medal scene, is their author for five years. "His work stands out for its extraordinary details and height of relief. For each year he creates the Czech Lion in a new design, the spokeswoman of the Czech Mint added.

The principle of producing the high-mass coins does not differ from the process used to mint their smaller siblings. But everything is understandably bigger, heavier and more challenging. While a regular punch weighs around one-half kilogram, the weight of the punches intended for the production of record coins is calculated in the tens of kilograms. Machining of these tools take several days. The forces involved in minting giant coins are astronomical - we can reveal that the press exerts the same pressure as if you stacked a couple of thousand cars on top of each other.

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