New boxes for 2021


Dear customer,

You have been able to come across various types of boxes made of different materials, in different colors and different dimensions in the offer of the Czech Mint. However, we decided to unite this infinite variety since 2021.
Since today, you can look forward to boxes made of leather, which have a unified size and color - elegant black. They differ only in details. The internal fitting is always adapted to the size of the coin or medal. Depending on the precious metal used, you will find either a gold or a silver ČM logo on the lid of the box.


The paper covers of the boxes also underwent changes. Until now, they were pure white and the bar code was their only distinguishing feature. Newly, each cover has its own graphics and in addition to the illustrative image, there is a clear specification of the coin or medal.

Products with an issue date from 2021 will be preferentially packed in black leather boxes with a colored cover. As we gradually deplete the stocks of older boxes, products with an earlier issue date will also be packed in new boxes. Unfortunately, due to a large number of products, it may happen that the photo of the packaging, which is published on the e-shop, will not correspond to reality. So, for example, if you receive a coin in a black leather box instead of a gold paper box, it will not be a mistake. Thank you for your indulgence and understanding!

In addition to black leather boxes, you will continue to come across wooden etuis, paper blisters or paper boxes with a display stand for selected products.

Another new type of packaging for 2021 is the paper cassette intended for products that include the accompanying brochure.

The team of the Czech Mint

Czech Mint