Made-to-order items


Samples of corporate commemorative medallions

Czech Mint manufactures made-to-order medallions and tokens. There is no limit to the quantity of ordered medallions; we are capable of minting a unique medallion in one piece. All Czech Mint’s products are of top quality.

The medallionproduction either uses the customer’s design concept, based on which a graphic design is developed, or medallions are struck directly according to the graphic design submitted by the customer.

The choice of material is also governed by the customer’s wish;medallions are manufactured from both precious and base metals. Upon agreement, the Mint offers special mintage from pure metals (copper, aluminium, iron), metal alloys (copper, zinc, nickel, tin, aluminium and magnesium alloys), such as brass, nordic gold, tombak, etc. Also used are combinations of metals through employing the techniques of plating (pressing two different sheet metals together), galvanizing (silver, gold and brass plating), or inlaying.

Made-to-order medallions may be personalized with engraving, setting gemstones, or gluing or pressing on holograms. Special surface finishes, such as patination and colouring, may also be ordered.

Corporate medallions bearing company logos can make an excellent gift for customers and business partners on the occasion of personal or company anniversaries, significant current events, and town and municipality anniversaries.

For more information about made-to-order items, please contact the sales department by telephone at 483 513 421 or by email at

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