Investing in gold


Would you like to increase the value of your savings? Are you looking for conservative investment with a potential of two-digit appreciation? Over the past years bullion gold recorded a growth that very few comparable commodities can match.

Investování do zlata

Smart investor bets on certainty

Almost all economists recommend gold as a permanent value on the turbulent financial markets. People started using this precious metal as legal tender around 700 B.C. Although nowadays it is no longer customary to pay with gold, it is still highly liquid.

Gold bars can be exchanged for money almost everywhere. No currency in the world has served as generally respected means of payment as long as gold.

Vývoj ceny zlata roste

Gold as store of value

The majority of households in the Czech Republic prefer traditional investment instruments such as building savings or supplementary pension cover. However, it is largely known that you can best avoid future risks if you diversify your investments as much as possible.
Our customers buy gold bullion bars and gold bullion coins especially for the following purposes:

  • To preserve value of their assets (as a hedge against inflation);
  • To diversity their portfolio;
  • To valorize deposited means on a long-term basis.

 The red line in the graph marks the development of gold over the past ten years. In this period, gold more than quadrupled its value.

In case of gold bars and coins the investment horizon should exceed at least five years. Their purchase is often considered as a generation issue or an alternative to savings for retirement. In these cases, the function of gold as a protection against devaluation of money gains importance.

Gold bullion bars and coins are VAT exempt

Act No. 235/2004 Coll., on value added tax, defines gold in §92 as follows:

„gold in the shape of trading bars processed in a certified refinery, in the shape of a brick, numbered and bearing identification of the manufacturer, fineness and weight, in weights admitted to gold markets and with fineness of at least 995 thousandths“

The law also stipulates parameters of coins which can also be treated as investment gold. Gold bullion bars and bullion coins are VAT exempt by law.

How to invest in gold

Investiční zlaté slitky

Gold bullion bars and coins

The most popular investment instruments are gold bullion bars and coins. Gold bars in the shape of bricks can be purchased at the most advantageous price per one gram, the price is however fully dependent on the fluctuations of gold price at the exchange. Gold coins – both bullion and commemorative – are their favourite alternative. In addition to the value of metal, commemorative coins have high collector value and are minted in low numbers, which dramatically increases their value if they are sold out.

Uskladnění zlata ve sejfu České mincovny

Gold storage

Have you decided to buy gold as an investment and wonder where to store it? No question, gold should be stored in a safe. You would not leave a larger sum of money at home either – you’d better deposit it in a bank. We offer you storage of your gold in our safe-deposit room in Czech Mint, which meets the strictest safety requirements. The service is offered on-line to all users of our ČM AURUM Zlaté konto (Gold Account) under the name Gold Safe. We will be happy to give you more information about gold safekeeping in Czech Mint at our customer line +420 483 513 513.

Spoření ve zlatě

Gold savings

Would you like to save with profit and valorize your money? On a long-term basis gold savings yield higher profit than bank deposits and are much safer than shares or gamble on the stock exchange. Gold represents a conservative investment, but it has recently witnessed such increase in value that very few comparable commodities could offer. If you are interested in this form of savings, safe Gold Savings (Spoření ve zlatě) with ČM AURUM are here for you.

Is on-line purchase of gold safe?

The purchase of bullion gold via our e-shop is secured by the SSL certificate. The goods is delivered by Czech Post which guarantees 100% insurance of consignments up to 1 million Czech crowns. For goods from CZK 30,000 up the postage and delivery is free of charge. The delivery of goods with higher value is ensured based on an individual agreement with the customer.

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