Every investor or coin collector undoubtedly wishes to maintain the value and quality of their collections. To make it happen, it is necessary to observe some rules of caring for precious metal coins and medals.

For long-term safekeeping it is important to choose a space with a relatively stable temperature and low humidity. It is also crucial that the air does not contain even low levels of chemicals, in particular sulphur and chlorine compounds or acids exuded by furniture, paints, textiles, plastics, etc. These chemical vapours may cause oxidization, colouring or even blackening of the coin surface, notably in silver coins. Intense sunshine (UV rays) can have a similar effect.

Coins and medals are distributed in special plastic capsules which limit or prevent penetration of air and protect the coin from mechanical damage, impurities and dust. Do not take the coin out of the capsule as its value may very quickly depreciate. Just extracting and inserting the coin from and in the protective capsule can easily cause mechanical damage.

If for any reason you do take the coin out of the capsule, always hold it only by the edge and make sure you do not touch the field of the coin. A fingerprint can permanently damage the surface and often even a professional is unable to repair the damage. Therefore we recommend to always use soft cotton or nylon (not latex) gloves.

Before handling the coins, always wash and dry your hands as they contain natural bacteria and oils that could damage the coin’s surface. Do not talk or eat in close proximity of precious metal coins. A mere microscopic particle of saliva or food may stick to the surface and stain, discolour or corrode the item over time.

In the event precious metal coins or medals get contaminated, they should be cleaned by a professional numismatist. Unprofessional cleaning may result in damaging, scratching and depreciating the product.


Czech Mint