How to order


You can ORDER products that have been issued by the Czech Mint. On the other hand, you can only PREORDER the products we are just preparing.

Order is not conditioned by registration on the website of the Czech Mint, however, thanks to registration you will get a better overview of orders and their status. Do you want to register?

Ordering process and shipping time

If you pay by cash on delivery, via credit card or a Gold account, we will start working on your order immediately. If you pay via bank transfer, we will wait until the money is credited to our account.

The current stock state of the central warehouse, from which e-shop orders are processed, is indicated at each product. The order is handed over to our dispatch after processing and then to the carrier. If the goods are "In stock", the order will be handed over to the carrier as soon as possible within the scope of our dispatch, but no later than in 5 working days.

If you have more items in the order and some of them are currently not in stock, we will ship the ordered goods as a whole only when all items are available in stock. The same rule applies to merged orders. If you are in a hurry to deliver any specific goods, contact our customer support - we can process the order at your request, but you will be charged additional shipping costs.

Merging orders

If you order from us more often, you can use the option of merging multiple orders into one shipment, thus saving on shipping costs. This option will be offered to you automatically if you have another previous unprocessed order at the time of creating a new order. You can combine up to 3 orders into one shipment.

Customer identification

When selling gold coins of the Czech Mint, we are legally obliged to record the date of birth of the customer. This is a mandatory information, without which it is not possible to complete the order of gold coins from our production.

Order confirmation and delivery information

After completing the order, we will send you a confirmation including the order number to your e-mail within a few minutes. If you pay via bank transfer, the report will also include payment instructions. For an unfinished order, the goods will be removed from the shopping cart after 24 hours.

As soon as your order has been processed and forwarded to the carrier, we will send you the dispatch information including the delivery number by the e-mail. If you have chosen personal pickup, you will receive an invitation to pick up the goods after delivery of the consignment to the shop. The limit for picking up the goods is 14 days.

Order status and shipment tracking

Registered customers can monitor the status of orders in their customer account. You can also get information about the order on our customer line +420 800 225 228 or you can find it here.

After forwarding the shipment to the Czech Post, you can monitor the delivery status on the carrier's website. We will send a link to track the shipment by e-mail.

Ordering investment products

Different payment terms apply to the orders of investment products such as bricks or investment coins. The prices of these products change twice a day depending on the current price of precious metals on the world stock exchange.

You can choose all payment methods including cash on delivery for orders up to 30,000 CZK. Such an order is binding and the product prices are fixed at the time of the purchase order.

If the value of the order is over 30,000 CZK, only payment by card, via bank transfer or a Gold account will be possible. The price of the ordered goods is fixed at the time the money is credited to our account.

The fastest way is to pay by card online and via your Gold account. The price is fixed at the time of purchase order and the product prices are also fixed for further processing of the order.

The second fastest way is to pay via express transfer or direct deposit of cash to our account at Česká spořitelna. A standard bank transfer can take 1 to 2 days. If the price of the ordered goods changes during this time, we will inform you about the overpayment or unpaid balance by phone. The order can be confirmed only after the approval of a new price and possible additional payment.

The processing of your order is then the same as for other products.


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