To keep the silver and/or gold pendants you bought looking their best, we recommend you to observe some rules when you wear them and care for them. Especially silver pendants require proper care, whereas gold pendants have to be protected mainly from scratches or mechanical damage.

Our pendants are a combination of jewellery and medals and, therefore, have to be treated very carefully. Always hold them by the edge and make sure you do not touch the fields of the pendant. They could get soiled or scratched and scratched fields cannot be polished again.

Do not touch the pendant with fingers greasy from a face cream, lotion or other cosmetic, always put it on after you applied makeup and perfume.

Take the pendant off before taking a shower or bath, it should not come in contact with chlorinated or sea water.

It is better to store the pendant separately in a box which protects it from humidity and light.

Do not use a textile cloth or a brush to clean the pendant, this could cause scratches. It is best to use special liquid silver and gold cleaners. If you are not sure, better leave the cleaning up to professionals.

If you would like to exhibit your silver pendant, please keep it away from direct sunlight to prevent oxidization.


Czech Mint